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We prepare milk for further processing by your company: we provide systems for the reception of raw milk, tank storage, pasteurisation, separation of cream, sterilisation, milk standardisation in terms of fats and proteins as well as processing systems for cream, water for washing and culture preparation and dosage.

Milk pasteurisation, separation and sterilisation
A key area in this field is the production of extendend-shelf-life milk (ESL-milk). ESL-milk combines the advantages ofpasteurised and UHT-milk: ESL-milk tastes almost as good and as fresh as pasteurised milk but has a much longer shelf life, e.e. up to 21 days.
Please note that this is only a selection of our machines! For more information please contact us: office@keckeis.eu or +43 (0)5578 72209 0.

Our processing systems enable you to benefit considerably from whey. We extract whey protein concentrate from whey, which is then transformed into particulate whey protein. Thanks to this whey protein, costly milk for the production of almost all milk products can be saved. By adding whey protein to the production of low-fat products, an extremely creamy texture can be achieved.

The ultrafiltration system extracts mainly proteins from the whey, which can then be added to numerous products to improve their characteristics.

Are you interested in our processing systems? We offer you the opportunity to use trial-systems in your company in order to show you how the refinement of whey can add to your company's profitability. Contact us: office@keckeis.eu or +43 (0)5578 72209 0.