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Our grid cable trays put cables into order in dairies, food processing companies, businesses in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, clarification plants and fresh water treatments.

Due to their electro-polished stainless steel surface 1,4301, our grid cable trays are resistant to corrosion and can be used in food industries without difficulty.

Other advantages of our grid cable trays are their easy cleaning and fitting.

We also wrap ball bearings. Although the packaging fits closely to the ball bearings, they can still "breathe" and are therefore saved from corrosion.

The V64/AVB packs smaller ball bearings of up to 120 mm in diameter at a rate of up to 50 pieces per minute.
VT 60

The VT 60 packs large ball bearings with diameters between 120 and 250 mm.
Please note that this is only a selection of our machines! For more information please contact us: office@keckeis.eu or +43 (0)5578 72209 0.